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Morning Walk & Unexpected Produce Shopping

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Whenever possible, Marco and I try to take a morning walk before we settle in to write for the day. Of course, each walk is full of unexpected twists and turns—much like the ancient streets of Melilli.

Yesterday morning we ended up getting invited for an impromptu chat at Ziu Angelo's house. This morning we did some impromptu produce shopping.

The elusive produce truck

Our first week here, we had noticed a produce truck parked on a small street with a customer picking from bountiful fruits and vegetables. We diligently tried to remember the street name, then promptly forgot.

As we were wandering the village this morning, the same produce truck chugged by.

"We have to follow it!" I announced.

Why? Because this week the Monday market was out of lettuce, and we had tomatoes, peppers, and cheese crying out for us to make salad.

As we chased the truck down the street, the driver began announcing his wares over a megaphone. Just like us, other local residents began to peek out of their homes. The truck pulled over and set up shop.

For 11 euros, we stocked up on everything you could need for a salad, plus the most delicious fresh blackberries and strawberries I have ever eaten.

Sadly, once we arrived home, we ate the berries too fast for a photo!

This morning's walk received a 5 out of 5 stars!

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